What is micro-fiber cloth?

What is micro-fiber cloth?

Cloth is called micro-fiber when the fibers used to produce the cloth weigh less than 1 gram per 9km (9,000m) of length. That's over 5 miles! For most micro-fiber, this equates to a diameter of less than 0.012mm. Micro-fiber is made up of two polymers - polyester and polyamide, which combine to form a single thread.

The softness, elasticity, and stability of micro-fiber cloths comes from its micro-porous structure which is formed by the impregnation of polyurethane elastomer, similar to collagen in natural skin, into the micro-fiber.

/ Micro-fiber Cross-section
/ Human hair compared to micro-fiber (500X)
/ Conventional Wiping Cloth
/ Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth

The wedge-shaped cross sections of the micro-fiber cloth trap and remove dust and even oil.

/ Micro-fiber cloth surface
/ After use

Q & A

  • Q: Why do micro-fiber cleaning cloths clean so well?

    A: The micro-fiber cleaning cloths are made of a revolutionary yarn that combines wedge shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon. The wedge shaped filaments follow the surface, trapping the particles inside the fiber and avoiding the need for cleaners or detergents. The combination of this special fiber and the splitting process enables the mass of finished fibers to produce a capillary force when the cloth is damp and, thereby, acts like a magnet when cleaning. The capillary effect between the filaments and nylon core creates a very high absorbency, which in turn enables the cloth to clean and polish at the same time.
  • Q: What is the composition of the Micro1 cleaning cloths?

    A: Made out of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide fiber of 2.08 denier, which is later split into 16 different micro-filaments of 0.13 denier(1 gram of this material equals over 5 miles of thread) This fiber is a breakthrough in cleaning technology.
  • Q: How do I clean with micro-fiber cleaning cloths?

    A: With or without water. When cleaning items such as eyeglasses, CD's or camera lenses, water is usually not needed. Simply buff with the dry cloth. However, for general cleaning, it works great with just water. There is no need for chemicals or cleaners of any kind.
  • Q: How can I wash the micro-fiber cleaning cloths?

    A: Micro-fiber is extensively washable. Knitted cloths may be laundered up to 500 times at temperatures of 90 degrees C using a standard detergent without a softener or rinse aid. The use of bleach is not recommended. Non-woven cloths can be washed up to 30 times. Washing the cloths with hot water is recommended, the hotter the better. Hot water makes the micro-fibers swell to release trapped dirt.
  • Q: What are the differences between the Micro1 cloths and others?

    A: We always use the best quality micro-fiber yarns to give our customers the best cleaning performance. And the best quality yarns make a much longer lasting cloth. We are also developing new kinds of micro-fiber cleaning cloths to satisfy the needs of new markets.
  • Q: Does micro-fiber have anti-bacterial properties?

    A: The Micro1 cloth can kill internal bacteria by itself up to 94.3%. Even if damp, the anti-bacterial properties of micro-fiber are incredible.

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